We want entrepreneurs and business owners to be better understood by financial institutions

What debt advisory can mean for you

Your trusted debt advisor

What debt advisory can mean for you

Banking is people business

What debt advisory can mean for you

How far are your suppliers willing to grow with your business?

What debt advisory can mean for you

Bringing 25 years of financial know-how to your business

What debt advisory can mean for you


Stay in control and keep your peace of mind while growing your business

Liquarto’s advisory focuses on debt financing. We strongly believe this is a powerful instrument to help expand your business. A well-considered, balanced combination of different funding sources will support you in realizing your growth plans. Our debt advisory relies on 2 pillars: financial counseling and liquidity management.

Building a robust financing structure for your company
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We help you build the optimal financing structure. We assist you in analyzing, optimizing, presenting and negotiating your project or your funding needs. Important note: we are not brokers and we operate entirely independently (no commissions or fees from banks are accepted).

Safeguarding liquidity

We want to make sure that your company has access to liquidity at any moment: in going concern, in challenging times, during your growth phases and at major events (projects, acquisitions, buy-outs, restructuring, …)


Our approach is unique. We are bank independent and rely on a vast network within the global financial institutions community. We start with a solid analysis of your funding structure. Doing this, we take into account all expectations and objectives of your company. From the insights we collect during our diagnosis we elaborate a plan for optimal management of all financial resources within your enterprise. Our main objective is to ensure liquidity at an acceptable cost. This happens in consultation with you and in line with your business strategy.

We are known for our personal approach, working for you and cooperating with you as partner and advisor. We rely on more than 20 years of experience at both sides of the market: from bank perspective as well as corporate perspective. You can count on our utmost discretion in dealing with your confidential information. We guarantee a faultless handling of your project.