We first want to understand your business, your project, who you are, what you do. Your history. The markets that you serve. The challenges that you face. The opportunities that you see. Your projections, your wishes for the future… Without understanding you and your business, we cannot assist you.

We examine your financials
Whether you want to upgrade your existing financial structure or attract additional and efficient financing for your future business, we always make an in-depth analysis of your current financial structure:

  • Which financial institutions are you working with?
  • What services do they provide?
  • Which financial institutions have ever declined a funding request?
  • Which and what kind of facilities can you currently use? Amount? Tenor?
  • What has been granted as security to financial institutions? Which convenants are in place?
  • How much risk do your suppliers take with your business? How much further can they grow, or are willing to grow with you?

Want to know more about it?

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