Together we decide which funding sources to target. If needed, we prepare an information memorandum, a presentation, and any other information we anticipate will be required. We assist you during the meetings, with answering questions and providing additional information. The goal here is to get the attention your business deserves. To trigger offers from various funding sources, we present your business and your request in a professional way. We ensure all funding is in line with your expectations and your business needs.

Examples of information required for financing your trade receivables:

  • Ageing list
  • Percentage covered by credit insurance
  • Concentration risk: How much of your total trade receivables do your Top 5 customers represent?
  • Dilution risk: How many credit notes are issued compared to your total trade receivables?
  • Political and economic risk: In which countries are your customers located?
  • An overview of your credit & collections set-up and procedures

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