During this phase, we propose solutions for your business, not products. Depending on the outcome of our analysis, we present a variety of possibilities and scenarios. For each solution, we assess its impact on all aspects of your business.

Make no mistake: your published financials do not reflect the creditworthiness of your company. They are a mere result of accounting rules and procedures. To make sure they do, we properly calibrate your financials (profitability, quality of your assets, quality of your supplier relationships, unrealized gains on assets…). If not available, we will help you to draw up a budget, including a variance analysis that oversees numerous business scenarios. It is our deep sense of honour to dedicate all our efforts to uncovering the necessary arguments for a solid and fruitful bank negotiation.

A few key questions we ask:

  • Can we refinance certain assets to create enough liquidity?
  • Can we structure the availability of facilities to match the growth of your business (revenues, assets, or a combination of both)?
  • Can we sell off certain non-core assets? Or structure a sale-and-lease-back?
  • Can we make sure that the cash your company generates can be used to repay certain debt obligations? How can we avoid it being used to finance capital expenditures or additional working capital needs?
  • Can we make use of alternative sources of funding?
  • Can we apply for government grants for your financing needs?
  • Can other additional support help, such as credit insurance, external collateral management, floor checks…?

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